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 feeling overwhelmed, wishing away the working days, carrying a weight on your back, everything feels like hard work and living for the next paycheck 

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inspired the moment you wake up, with eyes beaming like a well-slept child, walking with a bounce in your step and living with massive joy in your heart.

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The cost of your career or business growth is being impacted by being overworked. Instead of thriving, you are surviving. 

How much will it cost you, if you stop personally developing before someone or something else overtakes you? What about a £10,000 pay rise? The loss of your business? The relationship with your children? Your health; physically and mentally?

Value Added To Your Life

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Focus & Direction
Uncover the hidden pathways, get out of your own way and go beyond the next level 

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Productivity & Energy
Cluttered mess, to organised success – sharpen your performance, do more in less time and increase energy levels

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Freedom & Fulfilment
Draw outside the lines, defeat the inner critic and live limitlessly 

Discover Your Vision Built By You For You

For me to truly show up for myself, I had to break down my self-imposed barriers and step into my deepest desires. There was only one direction for me to travel and that is forward, even if that means stepping outside of cultural expectations, respectfully saying no and overcoming my fears. Unapologetic – I compete and I win. I truly have it all!


Decluttering The Mind To Thrive

I would start my day feeling overwhelmed. Procrastination became my friend. Tasks kept piling up and my mind was cluttered. Becoming productive enabled me to focus on what is important and what needs to be delegated or binned. The thought of delegating was too much to handle, as I believed that I could do it better. But in reality, I was doing half the quality or not at all. This realisation gave me the nervous courage to free up my time so I can be bolder and more impactful. Now I am purposeful and working with clients who fuel my soul.


Giving Time The Value It Deserves

Originally, being a high-achiever meant working hard, being visible whilst doing so and being the most knowledgeable person in the room. I never felt good enough. Having an overwork-mindset was natural for me but this held me back from life’s pleasures; having the time to slow down, to live in the moment with my children, to look up and around on my usual commute and spend quality time with friends, guilt-free! My busy badge was tossed in the bin.


Meet Tammy Whalen-Blake

A personal development leader, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an unwavering optimist devoted to guiding you to get out of your own way and live a balanced yet successful life. 

From a young age, Tammy’s core values have remained consistent making her a natural leader whilst honouring the importance of life outside of the workplace. Before any glory, some painful growing took place. A lot of heartaches, unemployment, overweight, embarrassing mistakes (worse than your parents grinding each other at a party kind of embarrassing) and in massive debt! 

Today, Tammy launched a successful business without any substantial resources, built systems to run like clockwork, grew an empowered team to achieve the mission, and has the freedom to do more in less time. These lessons coupled with leveraging her innate abilities have seen many go on to start, grow or exit their business or careers, so they can design a fulfilled and purposeful life. 


“I have never truly thought about myself in this way before, and how powerful going through your values, vision and mission have on your future. But more important than that, I had no idea what self-imposed limits I had until Tammy helped uncover my negative narrative”


“I run my own business therefore my focus has been on work. Although I never really took my time to think about it, I felt like my life is out of balance and something is off. I knew that if I continue this in the long run, not only my personal life but eventually my business will also suffer. Tammy created a really well structured “mental environment”. I realised what were the real, tangible factors at the bottom of my “something’s not right” feeling. Once she helped me clearly identify what I deeply desired, she also helped come up with an action plan of dealing with these areas. I left our sessions energised and ready to work on myself. Within the next few weeks my “non-work time” finally had some sort of structure, I started to feel like I have more time than before. I felt less frazzled and less anxious.”

“Tammy has been fantastic in helping me find clarity and focus on the important tasks. The valuable tools helped with reducing wasted time on unnecessary areas of my business and investing in areas that give me the greatest returns. She has done this by helping me to understand the value of my time and services, guiding me to feel confident to say NO to work which wasn’t in my long term interest. Not only has it freed up my time to spend on my most important projects, it has helped reduce stress from my life. Outside of business, I am more confident and energised which means I can invest in my health which prior wasn’t possible with lack of time and energy.”

“Tammy has an unrivalled way of helping you see clearly. After years of feeling as though I had so much to do and unable to find where to begin, Tammy & the Yellow Tools has helped find my focus. Through conversations, she has helped me understand who I am as a person and where I want to be in the future. I didn’t know I had so many limiting beliefs about myself. After maternity leave, my anxiety spiked – how will I cope with being a working mum? How will I cope with the daily struggles of guilt vs. being my own person again? Tammy helped me to implement new practices to ensure that guilt didn’t play a part in my routine and gave me the tools to ensure I absorbed the positive energy around me and built barriers to guard against the negativity. I’ve never met anyone like Tammy is a force in her own right who has the ability to really help you carve your way in this world.”

“At 32 years of age, I was not in a very good place – I had hit rock bottom. I hated myself, I had no confidence, I had no self-worth, I didn’t believe I would be able to achieve my dreams, my head was a constant space of negative self-talk, noise and well …unpleasantness. I asked the scared child inside me what was wrong.  I stopped pretending that I was someone else, and started to fall into Hannah. I embraced me, even the imperfections. I asked who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve– and then I set to work to achieve this. I have hit road bumps, self-doubt, but every day I remind myself of where I want to go and re-focus and continue to go forward. What I learnt is that it is a never-ending path but we can enjoy the journey on the way. We deserve self-care, compassion, and love from ourselves. At the end of the day, we are our biggest priorities and if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect to thrive.”

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