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Design plays a major role in all of our lives whether it’s overtly obvious to us or not. Every man-made object that we use or come into contact with has been designed on some level or another. Have a look around you, at the closest objects to you, and look at how they are constructed and built. Design is evident everywhere and serves as being for both function and practicality as much as aesthetics.

The concept of design can not only be used to solve our daily problems but can also work when looking at creating the life we have always wanted. 

Looking at how we live can give us an idea of what we are happy with and what we feel needs improvement. This, in itself, can lead us to ‘design’ how we want our life to look. We all have the capability to enhance our happiness and future by ‘tweaking’ the basic design that is already in place if we know what changes need to be made.

Many people feel stuck in their rut and don’t know how to make the required changes in order to live their best life. To design your life is to realise your full potential and I want to help you build your toolbox to do just this.

To know how where we want to go, we firstly need to know where we are currently and so we must consider the four main areas of our lives when creating our design strategy.

The first area we should look at is our health and wellness. In this category, we must include our mental and emotional health as well as the physical. Good health is one of the most valuable assets we have or could have and so great importance should be placed on optimising this area of our lives, if you haven’t already.

Because most of us spend such a large proportion of our lives at work, our second consideration is our professional life. All professional obligations should be taken into account, including any volunteering that we do. The areas of our lives where we give the most of our energy should be of paramount important when it comes to how we want to design our lives.

Recreation is another consideration to make. All activities that we engage in purely for fun or entertainment will fall into this category. Are you spending enough time relaxing and finding enjoyment or are the other areas of your life suffering because you are neglecting other priorities?

The fourth key area is the relationships we have with others. All relationships should be considered here to include those with our partners, family, friends, children etc. Are you spending enough time with these people or are you over committing and not giving yourself the attention that you need?

All four of these areas need to work in equilibrium to enable you to find the best ‘design’ strategy. Everyone has different priorities as to which area holds the most importance. When you have thought about each individual area and how it fits into your current life, you will be able to see where you need to concentrate to even out your energy input.

After thinking about these four key areas, you can then look deeper into each to identify the areas where you are most happy and those that need more work. Thinking of this, has one area taken precedence over another and has there been a negative impact from this, i.e. have you been focussing on your career to an extent that you are overly stressed and not giving your relationships enough attention or are you putting too much energy into recreation which is affecting your professional life?

When you have decided which areas need more focus, you will know that your design will be taking shape.

All designs have a beginning. This may be a rough idea of how a design will be when it is finished and from there, the designer must think about all of the steps they must take in order to realise this idea. The same concept can be applied when we are looking at the aspects of our life that we wish to enhance. This is a design process for how we want our tailor our lives.

As an example, you may want to concentrate on finding a career that you love. Start by asking yourself what interests you. Can these interests be incorporated in a career or a job role? Would these roles need further training? Is further training achievable in your current situation?

Asking these types of questions and breaking it all down will, more often than not, give you a direction to head towards. Sometimes, the simplest of questions can give the answers with most clarity.

Ready to design your best life? 

Let me help you design your life.  I will give you 30 minutes of my time free of charge and, in return, you will give me an open mind to explore yourselves deeper. Together, we can craft the life you desire most, without limitations holding you back!

Schedule your call here https://www.gotoyellow.co.uk/schedule-a-call/ and let your creative juices flow

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Tammy Whalen Blake

Tammy Whalen Blake

Founder of go to yellow
Personal Development Coach