Leaders not burning out

We are inspired by role models in our society, and sometimes it feels like they are so perfect and there’s no way we can be like them.  But that’s not true! Successful people develop successful habits.  

Here are 5 just to get you started:  

  1. They have CLARITY on their vision, values, and priorities. To be more specific, they know what they want to achieve, what they stand for, and they make time for the activities that get them there.  Getting clear on these things acts like a compass to them. It directs their thoughts and actions. It tells them what to say YES to and what to say NO to.  
  2. They create a CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT.  Successful leaders work smart. And they know that there is power in surrounding themselves with great people. In their success group are role models they aspire to be, supportive peers to help them stay positive, and a coach to help them see what they don’t see. 
  3. They are ADAPTIVE COMMUNICATORS.  They know how to relate to different types of people.  They can inspire people to take action. They are a positive influence for their team and peers. As a result, they become a success magnet.   They spend less time chasing opportunities; instead, opportunities come to them. 
  4. They don’t just focus on the money.  They FOCUS ON EXCELLENCE. Money will come if you show value.  Therefore, money is the result; showing value is the cause. There’s no point stressing over results; just focus on what causes the results and get better on it.  And this mindset creates a more resourceful way of thinking – the kind of thinking innovators have. And because of that, they make better decisions. 
  5. They KEEP THEIR POSTURE. In a study at Stanford Business School, they examined the qualities in leadership. It concluded with two qualities for success are putting a team together and patience under pressure.  Staying calm under pressure requires a high level of mindfulness and practicing certain behaviours regularly. I help people identify the triggers that get them agitated, and help them to convert their habits to get back to calm.

So there it is the 5 keys! Easier said than done, you say? I agree.  My own experience implementing these 5 keys in my own life taught me that it’s not easy and I’m glad I had a coach to guide me along the way.  

Are you committed to your success? 

Invest 30 minutes with me and let’s get clear on which key you should start with, what impact it can make in your life, and how you can get started.  Let me ask you the key questions you’ll need to get rid of any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Schedule your call here https://www.gotoyellow.co.uk/schedule-a-call/ and let’s get you to turn your dreams into reality

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Tammy Whalen Blake

Tammy Whalen Blake

Founder of go to yellow
Personal Development Coach