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With Christmas being a distant memory, many people will be low in energy and miss the social vibes they had over the festive period. Having regular connections with others is paramount to good mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Here is how you can be more yellow: find your tribe or at the very least a close ally, at work, will help energise and empower you to keep on growing. If you are lacking in this area, seek out new groups whether in person or online and never underestimate the power of connecting and supporting each other in the workplace!

For the women in the workplace, this is for you.

For men who care about empowering women to succeed, this is for you. 

Supporting others throughout our own journeys can have lasting benefits to both us as individuals as well as the teams and organisations that we work within. Win-win. 

As we spend the vast majority of our lives with those we work with, it’s so important to connect fully and empower others, at all levels <– take note of this. 

Offering professional support as well as personal support can be the difference between success and failure.

What has become the norm, is females succeeding in male-dominated work culture, and behaving like them. This behaviour has been a key to female colleagues distancing themselves from any position of friendship or mentorship with these female leaders, as they struggle to display a non-emotional response in the workplace; a typically male trait and not a female trait. Sometimes I need a little cry. Sometimes I want to hide in a dark room from embarrassment. Sometimes I am unable to control my facial reaction from creepy comments. 

However logical this behaviour is, it shows that there is still the issue with inequality in top organisational roles; even in 2020. With similar female to male ratios of entry-level staff, these figures drastically drift further apart as you head up the corporate ladder; with an even more significant drop for non-white women. The startling statistic to evidence this is that only one in ten senior positions are female! Shocking. 

Another issue we face is the culture of competition. This can hinder any attempts to unify teams and can ultimately cause toxic working environments. When a team works against each other, communication will suffer, as will results. 

Research shows that women, more often than not, are penalised for empowering one another. The remedy for being penalised for supporting women is to promote it with power and pride. 

Crazy, I know!

But fear not, the standing ovation of change is rising. 

We all have a role to play, men and women. So listen up….

The advantages of women actively supporting each other in the workplace are clear. When we communicate and offer a safe space to be who we truly are, we can find more opportunities and motivation to succeed. Having your personal cheerleader can help uplift you and give you the confidence to shine in whatever you do.

Any organisations we work for can reap the benefits of such a supportive culture with increased productivity and loyalty.

To achieve this, female leaders must realise that they play a major part in changing the workplace culture and must step up to assert these ideals within our workplaces. They must open up the conversations and help find the safe spaces for women to feel comfortable to discuss their challenges and celebrate their successes. 

These female leaders need to be the pioneers and reach out to their female colleagues, on all levels, and mentor where needed and offer advice, openly.

The rise in women’s organisations and professional networks excites me but there is still so much work that needs to be done. The support we give can only have a positive impact on changing the culture of business in general and is as important on all levels of connection between women both professionally and personally.

This change can start with one person and doesn’t need an extensive plan to be effective. It can start with a chat whilst a kettle boils, a heart to heart over lunch or just an email to offer help if needed.

If we want equality in the workplace, both women and men, we must initiate the change ourselves. We are essentially pack animals and without the pack, we can’t survive. We must come together for the benefit of all!

January does not need to be blue 😉 You choose to make it yellow when you take action. 

What are you going to do differently, today and for the foreseeable? Together is better than alone. 

Together on a journey to Yellow!



Whether you are an introvert and in need of support with initiating connection, or desire a tribe of cheerleaders, whatever it might be to improve connections in the workplace, Tammy is here to support with a 30 minute FREE discovery call to help you to overcome your mental blocks and initiate change.

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Tammy Whalen Blake

Tammy Whalen Blake

Founder of go to yellow
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