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High-achievers know that in order to create compelling goals, you must first understand where you are going. 

This explains why only 8% of people achieve their New Years Resolution – the problem is not in goal-setting, but rather the driving force behind it. 

We are often influenced by other people, a new fad or culture expectations when deciding our future. This is neither healthy or sustainable.

Understanding who you truly are, where you are now and what you want to be is the key to creating your vision.

It is like approaching a junction with a blindfold on, with several co-drivers giving you guidance, hoping you’ll arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, when you arrive at the destination, you realise you are not in the right place and have to start again. Not only have you wasted your energy, you have invested vast amount time that you will never get back. 

You can keep starting a New Years with the attitude “New Year, New Me”


you can break this vicious circle with a more effective approach

Where you are now, and where you want to be (1)

As part of Go To Yellow’s full coaching program to unlocking The Ultimate You, the first stage of the life-changing YELLOW framework is Your Vision Awakened

It is fundamentally important to know your direction of travel, before setting goals.

This workshop is built to help you get a head start with achieving your 2020 goals by unlocking what is already within you. By the end of program you will have created an empowering vision that sets you up for success. 

Beyond the program, you will better able to set actionable and ACHIEVABLE goals to close the gap between where you are now, and the vision of your future. 

This is a one-time offer between Nov 2019 – Jan 2020 and SPACES ARE LIMITED

Be Free from guessing which door

Your Vision Awakened Process

Your Vision Awakened Process

Step 1


Character is destiny

Values are part of us – they highlight what we stand for and the code of conduct to live by. These guide our behaviours, for good and bad, and provide fulfilment.

This exercise discovers who you truly are, and less effected by cultural expectations.

Knowing personal values is helpful in decision making, communicating effectively and building relationships – with others and yourself.

Working through the VALUE section of the Your Vision Awakened workbook.

A 6 step exercise to truly discover your values.

Step 2


Start with the end in mind

A vision inspires you to be focused on what truly matters. When we get disconnected from our life’s direction, we put other’s agenda before ourselves. Ultimately arriving at their destination, not yours.

This exercise guides you to create a vision that is beyond what you believe to be obtainable -without your narrative holding you back. 

It will uncover new pathways, leading you to the future you desire most. 

Working through the VISION section of the Your Vision Awakened workbook.

A 5 step exercise establishing the foundations of building your vision

Step 3


The how

A mission statement is focused on the practice of what you need to be doing. It is the way in which you will live your life. 

This exercise helps you to create how you will arrive at your vision. 

A mission statement creates boundaries that allow you to be free with what you want from your life. You will be comfortable with respectfully saying no, and declining tasks that do not serve you.

Working through the MISSION section of the Your Vision Awakened workbook.

A 3 step process of how you will live your life to achieve your future. 

Why are you doing this, Tammy?

In order for me to achieve my own vision, I must continue to think differently to serve those who desire an extraordinary life. As I was once stuck in a rut and lost in the midst of chaos in this modern world. If only I had a similar life-changing retreat, I could have achieve so much more in my life and avoided wasting vast amounts of time, energy drainage and mindset blocks. I want a better life for others, and I will do whatever it takes to spread more yellow across the world.











In order for me to achieve my own vision, I must continue to think differently to serve those who desire an extraordinary life. As I was once stuck in a rut and lost in the midst of chaos in this modern world. If only I had a similar life-changing retreat, I could have achieve so much more in my life and avoided wasting vast amounts of time, energy drainage and mindset blocks. I want a better life for others, and I will do whatever it takes to spread more yellow across the world.











My Vision is simple…


“I imagine a world of Yellow people, who wake up inspired with excitement on their faces & eyes beaming for the day ahead. They lead their day with exploration, listening ears, compassion in their heart, and true to their purpose. 


In this world they walk with a bounce in their steps, radiating joy and spreading happiness to others. Because they are living in complete fulfilment in all areas of life, such as love, friendship, personal development, health, financial and career. 


Despite misfortunes in our upbringing, health, economy, weather and more, we continue to seek good intent in every situation, but not at the expense of our wellbeing. Without judgement, we strive for a connected community, developing meaningful relationships and giving back to others.”



Retreat - 30th Jan

Bristol Harbour Hotel
£ 210
  • One-Time Offer. Your Vision Awakened module
  • Luxury Hotel Spa Included
  • Meditation, Crystal Healing & Guided Self-Care Facial
  • Nourishing Lunch & refreshments
  • Access To Private Facebook Group


1 to 1
£ 997
  • One-Time Offer. Your Vision Awakened module
  • On-Going Accountability Checks
  • Workbook
  • 3 x Workshops
  • Zoom (online video chat)
  • Access To Private Facebook Group

Full Program

1 to 1
£ 3,500
  • Full YELLOW framework
  • YELLOW Workbook
  • Online Platform
  • 6 months coaching on a 1 to 1 basis
  • Zoom (online video chat)
  • Access To Private Facebook Group

A fair warning

This workshop is not for everyone. It is designed for those who are fed up with failing at achieving their goals, and are totally committed to getting results! They are the kind of people who will not accept any excuses to be their best self. 

If you are looking for a quick-fix and are not prepared to put in the time and effort, this workshop is not for you. 

Want it as a gift? 

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Client Testimonials

Clients often said that before working with me, either they “couldn’t quite put their finger on why they were stuck” or “I didn’t know where to start”. They even believed they knew themselves well enough to make big decisions for their life.

Every client to date has left each session “energised and totally focused”

“I have have never truly thought about myself in this way before, and how powerful going through your values, vision and mission has on your future” echoed each client. “but more important than that, I had no idea what self-imposed limits I had until Tammy helped uncover my negative narrative” 

Today, each client has been awakened to a new empowering vision that excites them every morning when they wake up, and are in control of their destiny without holding themselves back.

You can have this too!

I run my own business therefore my focus has been on work in the past few years. Although I never really took my time to think about it, I felt like my life is out of balance and something is off. I knew that if I continue this on the long run, not only my personal life but eventually my business will also suffer. Tammy's offer of personal development coaching just arrived at the right moment. I had used different business coaching services before and I know how difficult it is to tell what is really going to help and what is a waste of investment. (Hint: go to yellow coaching is not the latter.) I didn't quite know what to expect from life coaching but I thought I will give it a go. It was something very different than expected. Tammy created a really well structured "mental environment". I realised what were the real, tangible factors at the bottom of my "something's not right" feeling. Once she helped me clearly identify what I deeply desired, she also helped coming up with an action plan of dealing with these areas. I left our sessions energised and ready to work on myself. Within the next few weeks my "non-work time" finally had some sort of structure, I started to feel like I have more time than before. I felt less frazzled and less anxious.
Nat Strength lab
Business Owner
Tammy at Go To Yellow has an unrivalled way of helping you see clearly. After years of feeling as though I had so much to do and unable to find where to begin, Tammy & the Yellow Tools has helped find my focus. Through conversations, she has helped me understand who I am as a person and where I want to be in the future. I didn’t know I had so many limiting beliefs about myself - Tammy helped me understand them and smash them once and for all. After maternity leave, my anxiety spiked - how will I cope with being a working mum? How will I cope with the daily struggles of guilt vs. being my own person again. Tammy helped me to implement new practices to ensure that guilt didn’t play a part in my routine and gave me the tools to ensure I absorbed the positive energy around me and built barriers to guard against the negativity. I’ve never met anyone like Tammy - she is a force in her own right who has the ability to really help you carve your way in this world. I can’t thank her enough for her positive influence in my life. I have changed for the better. 💜
Marketing Manager
At 32 years of age I was not in a very good place - I had hit rock bottom. I hated myself, I had no confidence, I had no self-worth, I didn’t believe I would be able to achieve my dreams, my head was a constant space of negative self-talk, noise and well ...unpleasantness. I was on a lot of medication to try numb the pain. It was a cycle. I would go and see the doctors, they would write me a prescription, I’d go home and take the prescription – I’d still feel bad. Something inside me knew this wasn’t the right way for me to heal. All I was doing was pushing down years of hurt, anger and feelings. They would just sit inside me, intoxicating me. To get off the medication and face myself, I used all the Yellow Tools to challenge every negative thought that came up - I felt all my pain, I meditated, I spent days alone in silence. I became my priority. I asked the scared child inside me what was wrong. I let go of past pain, I forgave myself for past mistakes. I started to accept me for me. I stopped pretending that I was someone else, and started to fall into Hannah. I embraced me – even the imperfections. I asked who I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve– and then I set to work to achieve this. I have as every business owner has, hit road bumps, self doubt, but every day I remind myself of where I want to get to and re-focus and continue to go forward. What I learnt is that it is a never ending path. We are complex creatures, and we will constantly face challenges, thoughts, feelings, that need to be felt and heard. We deserve self care, compassion, from ourselves. At the end of the day, we are our biggest priorities and if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect to thrive.
Hannah Clay
Business Owner